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Why Easter is an Ideal Time for Healthful Umrah 2021?

healthful Umrah

Since the unfortunate commencement of 2020, the whole world is on the Corona roller coaster ride. This viral disease has made the global life reach at the upside down situation. The usual human perks, festivals and festivities are agonizingly forgotten.

No human business, no event, and no field, is left unaffected from this challenging Corona crisis. This year literally every ear is nerved by the chants of lockdown, closed, and shutter downs. No piteous one had ever thought about receiving the Easter, Ramadan and Eid bells at home in self-isolation away from their loved ones. This killer virus has forced every state of globe to practice the difficult decisions. One such decision among those is the closure of Haram doors for Hajj 2020, by the Saudi Govt. in the wake of still going Corona panic.

The Saudis have assured that they would open the sacred doors of Kaaba soon right after the betterment of situation. They have confirmed this unusual decision solely to ensure the health safety of their Muslim brothers and sisters. Therefore, being a sensible Muslim we must respect the Saudi’s witty announcement and plan for a healthful Umrah through Easter Umrah Packages 2021, when things get to normal.

Why Easter time for Umrah?

Going through this, an instead question may pop up in your mind that why I have specially suggested Easter for Umrah? Don’t worry, because you would find a satisfactory answer to this question in the reasons that I am going to discuss.

Reasons for the Umrah in Easter 2021

Easter 2021, Insha-Allah is going to be an ideal time free from the Corona stress. We are hopeful that the Easter event of 2021 will bring new joys, new hopes and new ways for our Christian brothers. At that Corona free time, the health check systems will get much better than nowadays. So you would be able to enjoy a stress free healthy time at the holiest place at the center of the Earth.

Besides this obvious reason, there are many other ones to make you realize that why Easter is an Umrah friendly time for you and your family.

Easter a Perfect Umrah Opportunity for U.K Muslims

Easter is the holy event of Christians. There are 15 days holidays on this occasion. These public holiday breaks become the perfect time for piteous Muslims to get a golden chance to fulfill their spiritual quest with their families.

It would be a best time, if you have school going kids, because they wouldn’t need to apply specifically for school breaks to go on Umrah.

Saudi Climate is Ideal During March-April

Another human friendly reason to perform your next Umrah 2021 in Easter is the climactic condition of Saudi Arabia. In March-April the climate of Saudi Arabia becomes much favorable. Normally, the climate of Saudi Arabia is considerably hot. But in the Easter days of April, you would notice the mild Saudi temperatures daytime and a considerable drop at the night time.


Easter is more Inexpensive than the Peak Season

Saudis mainly take 2 months to open Umrah season after Hajj. It marks the beginning of new Umrah season. The agents and travel firms usually start a busier working by issuing visas and packages from that very time.

Due to the great rush of God fearers, many devotees have to buy Umrah packages on exorbitant prices.

Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you to book Umrah at this peak season. It is obvious that a greater rush of Umrah visitors is going to be observed, if Saudis allow the Muslim world for Umrah, right after the Corona elimination.

Easter Umrah is a Carefree and a Hassle Free Time

It is always said that Makkah and Madinah are the busiest Saudi cities that never sleep. So finding the quieter days at these sites is difficult indeed. However, the Easter holiday breaks are the comparatively better days for the Muslim families to head on for a less crowded or hassle free spiritual time at Kaaba.

During the Easter days, you wouldn’t find the Kaaba site overloaded with pilgrims as compared to Ramadan days. During Ramadan, the huge crowds of Muslim devotees are seen who strive with all the means to land their feet in this most blessed month.

However, the Easter break benefits those devotees who want to spend all the time in front of Kaaba and perform their long prayers without much rush and disturbance.

Let’s pray, may the coming year 2021 come with the safety, health security, and glad tidings for the entire mankind on the globe.

Why Easter is an Ideal Time for Healthful Umrah 2021?
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