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Deepica Mutyala’s Net Worth


Deepica Mutyala is a renowned name in the beauty and fashion industry. She is the CEO of Live Tinted, which focuses on beauty trends and goods. She is quite popular on Instagram and YouTube, with 100,000s followers. Deepica earns quite a handful through her YouTube and Instagram combined with her business.

If you are wondering about the net worth of Deepica in 2022, you are at the right place.

Deepica Mutyala’s net worth in 2022 is $3 -$5 million.

Who is Deepica Mutyala?

Deepica Mutyala is a beauty influencer, YouTube star, and entrepreneur. She was born on July 4, 1989, in Houston, Texas. Her father is Raja Mutyala, while her mother’s name is Padmashri Mutyala. They are of Indian descent. Deepica earned her BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas in 2007. She further took the Business Management program at the University of Edinburg and graduated in 2010.

Deepica not only talks about beauty but is a fine example herself. She has a well-maintained, healthy body and weighs around 52 kg. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. Deepica has black hair and brown eyes, with the looks of an absolute South Asian beauty.

Deepica Mutyala Relationship

Deepica revealed in 2021 that she had not had a boyfriend since moving to Los Angeles. She further mentions that she has not been in a relationship for over two years and has forgotten to date after starting her business.

Deepica Mutyala Net Worth

Deepica Mutyala’s anticipated net worth is around $3 million.

Deepica Mutyala Career

Deepica enrolled in an internship at the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation in 2009 during her business management degree. Later, she had the opportunity of interning at L’Oréal USA. Her career began in 2011 when she joined Limited Brands – Victoria’s Secret PINK as an Inventory Deployment Analyst in Ohio. Deepica worked at Birchbox in 2012 as a Brand Campaign Strategy Manager. Her talent secured her a promotion to Brand Development Senior Manager in 2014.

Deepica became a social media beauty sensation after she uploaded her first video in 2015. She created her YouTube channel in 2011 and posted for the first time in 2015. Her debut video was titled “How To Mask Dark Under Eye Circles.” She suggested the viewers apply red lipstick to conceal dark circles under the eyes. She also applied lipstick to her chin and cheekbones for a flushed look. Deepica Mutyala was invited to The Dr. Oz Show and The Today Show after her video went viral. She is also featured in top publications like Vogue, New York Times, Marie Claire, CNN, and Refinery29. She shares a versatile range of beauty tutorials for all skin types on her YouTube and Instagram.

Deepica makes most of her money through her brand Live Tinted and her YouTube channel. She also earns from Instagram.

The Bottom Line

Deepica Mutyala is a popular YouTube and Instagram beauty influencer and businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of Live Tinted. She got fame through her video “How To Mask Dark Under Eye Circles.” Publications like CNN, Vogue, and New York Times featured her. She earns from her YouTube channel and beauty brand. Deepica Mutyala’s net worth is between $3 and $5.


What does Deepica Mutyala’s Dad do?

Deepica Mutyala’s parents are Indian immigrants. Her father moved to America at the age of 18 and worked odd jobs.

How did Deepica Mutyala Become Famous?

Deepica gained fame after her video tutorial on “How To Mask Dark Under Eye Circles” went viral in 2015.

How Old is Deepica Mutyala?

Deepica Mutyala was born on July 4, 1989, and is 33 years old in 2022.

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Deepica Mutyala’s Net Worth

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