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Azzie Faison Net Worth

Azzie Faison

Azzie Faison Jr., also known as Azzie Faison or AZ, is a 57-year-old businessman. He was notoriously known for being a drug dealer in the past. He was a popular individual drug dealer in New York during the times of the War on Drugs. His popularity hails from his criminal background. He was a crime boss for five years before he retired in 1990. Azzie became a businessman and rapper later.

Azzie Faison Net Worth is $2 million in 2022.

Who is Azzie Faison?

Azzie is a businessman and has been a drug dealer in the past. He was born on November 11, 1964, in New York City, New York, USA. He lived with his mother and elder sister in New York City till 1970 and relocated to Harlem afterward. After dropping out of high school in 9th grade, he did several odd jobs in the city. Azzie is married to Mikel Golfed. Nobody knows a lot about his family except that he has five kids.

Azzie Faison Drug Dealing 

Azzie stepped into the world of the drug trade in 1983. He became a cocaine wholesaler in Harlem at the young age of 21. He became one of the primary distributors of drugs in New York within a year of entering the business. With more years of experience, he eventually became the most well-known drug distributor in the USA.

He began working with his childhood friend Rich Porter who familiarized him with Alpo Martinez. They worked together and have been in the news quite much. They became the largest cocaine distributor in New York state.

The Fall of Largest Cocaine Distributors

The drug business contributes majorly to Azie Faison’s wealth. However, the business faced a downfall in 1987 when he was tricked into a murder charge in a robbery that also gave him seven bullet wounds. His recovery time affected business, and issues began to rise. One of his partners, Alpo Martinez, murdered Rich Porter in 1990.

Azzie Faison Retirement and Business

Azzie Faison retired from drug dealing following Porter’s death and pledged to keep youngsters away from this curse. He stepped into rapping and created the rap group Mobs type in 1989. The movie “Paid in Full” surfaced in cinemas in 2002 and was based on his life story. Another documentary was released in 2007, produced by Troy Reed.

Azzie Faison Net Worth

Azzie Faison’s Net Worth is approximately $2 million in 2022.

He made around $100,000 in a week during War on Drugs period. His later income source includes music albums and his business. He is also thought to earn from concerts and sponsorships.

Azzie Faison Present

Azie Faison is focusing on his singing career and minting money through music records.


How Old is AZ Faison?

Azzie Faison is 57 years (November 10, 1964) in 2022.

What is AZ Faison Net Worth?

Azie Faison’s total worth in 2022 is $2 million.

What Happened to the Azzie Faison Family?

Azzie’s family house in New York City caught fire in 1970, and they had to move to Harlem.

How Old is Alpo Martinez?

Alpo Martinez died at the age of 55 years in 2021.

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Azzie Faison Net Worth

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