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How to Anchor a Boat the Right way: Your Quick Boating Guide

How to Anchor a Boat the Right Way Your Quick Boating Guide

Don’t rock the boat! More than 5,200 boating accidents occurred in 2020, with many of them stemming from anchoring mistakes. Some people think they’ve anchored their boats, only for them to drift away and crash into something.

Learning how to anchor a boat is about more than tying a good boat anchor knot and throwing your anchor overboard. You need to know a few critical concepts and remain attentive at all times. But you can start learning these concepts here.

What do you need to anchor a boat? How can you decide where to cast your anchor? What should you do to avoid accidents?

Answer these questions and you can become a master of how to anchor a boat in a lake in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Pick the Right Type of Anchor

The most common type of anchor that recreational boats use is the fluke anchor. You can fold your anchor flat, making it easy to fit on your boat. It is lightweight, yet it offers good holding power in the sand and mud.

If you go boating in a rocky area or if you have a big boat, you can use a plow-style anchor. The anchor is very heavy, so make sure your boat is large enough to support its weight.

Prepare Your Anchor

Before you start anchoring a boat, you need to look at the water depth. You should have a map on hand that lets you see how deep the water is.

Take a look at your anchor before you cast it out. If it seems broken, you should make a quick fix. You should also inspect the boat anchor chain to make sure there are no tangles in it.

Figure Out the Length of Your Chain

Anchors hold boats best when the loads on them are horizontal. You should let out your chain so you can accomplish that.

man hand holding chain

Calculate the distance between the bow of your boat and the bottom of the water. If you are stopping temporarily, your chain should be five times longer than the distance. If you are stopping for an overnight stay, you should extend the length to eight times longer.

Be Mindful of Other Boats

After you’ve let out the chain, you can drop the anchor and maneuver your boat. However, you should avoid parking your boat too close to other vessels. Straighten your chain so your boat doesn’t sway and bang into others.

Signal to other boats that you are anchoring. If flags and hand signals are not working, contact them on VHF radio. Indicate where the anchor is with a buoy or flag.

Study how to Anchor a Boat

Figuring out how to anchor a boat isn’t complicated. You should determine what type of anchor works best, then you should buy a sturdy chain.

Examine your depth chart before you park your boat. Calculate how long your chain should be, then examine your surroundings.

Signal to other boats that you are casting your anchor and tell them where your anchor is. You can finally push your anchor overboard and pull your chain until it is taut.

How to Anchor a Boat the Right way: Your Quick Boating Guide

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