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How to Make Your Shipping More Brandable?


When it comes to product packaging, business owners devote a lot more attention and time to creating compelling packages that can effectively promote and represent their brand. And service-based businesses are leading the way in this regard. After all, it’s not just about delivering products to your buyers’ doors; it’s also about strengthening your brand identity and getting customers that stick around in the process.

Here’s how you can grasp the attention and make your brand get noticed!

Bespoke Shipping Boxes

From complete design to simple logo placement, there are various options to print a logo on your boxes. Ever ordered something from Amazon? You know exciting one feels when the long-awaited Amazon package arrives at your location with a distinctive logo. Ever wonder how you can create such a sensation if you have your own service-based business?

With custom shipping boxes, your business can make a profound impact. From a premium grade printing all across the box to simple two-color designs on a traditional cardboard box, achieve a perfect look for your niche. The best part is you get to finalize the look online, and it won’t take you ages to get a quote.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Another ideal choice for monthly subscription-based service is custom mailer boxes. You can use them to pack everything from dog treats to cosmetic items, directly sending them to your subscribers every month for a small fee.

If you are wondering how to style mailer boxes wholesale packaging for monthly subscription service, the Legacy Printing has the answer. Suppose you’re shipping more than one product in a box; its best to use dividers for a neat and clean look. And the good news is your wholesale mailer boxes, and inner dividers can be personalized as per your liking to complement your product.

shipping container

Custom Shipping Bags

Bespoke bags with bows and filers give you a complete look. It’s an ideal solution when you need to be more sophisticated for your items. From gourmet bags to high-end fabric bags, and simple merchandise bags, use them to ship your products in style.

If you want to further enrich the customer experience, think about including colorful tissue paper, crinkle-cut fillers, bows, ribbons, and more. Most of these items are environmentally friendly.

If you are concerned about your product’s security, there is no harm in considering plus packaging. For example, poly mailer packaging and polyfoam bags offer the desired protection to your products.

Shipping Peanuts

Packaging peanuts made out of corn starch are biodegradable.

Speaking of sustainability, one cannot beat the ingenuity of eco-friendly shipping peanuts. The static-resistant and non-toxic packaging peanuts are not just sustainable but are also a safe solution for kids and pets.

They offer improved cushioning against strong impacts and stacking. Furthermore, they dissolve in water without harming the pipes and can be used to make compost.

Bespoke Shipping Tape

Gone are the days when shipping tapes were only available in dull brown and clear colors. Today, you can find some excellent choices to seal your packaging boxes with tapes that feature your brand’s colors and logo. The difference lies in the tape’s material and how they are made available in premium quality and unique colors.

How much do these Custom Items Cost?

The cost depends on the amount of customization, size, and the number you need. Some packaging companies only entertain bulk orders, while others are open to receiving small orders that allow small, medium businesses to gain more control over the process. A quick way to get an idea about the cost is to share the dimensions of your boxes with coloring options and logos to get an immediate quote.

How to Make Your Shipping More Brandable?
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