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How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft

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Breathing underwater is an excellent feature in Minecraft if you want to dive into the deep seas or save yourself from drowning. However, you can only breathe 15 seconds underwater at once before needing to breathe in air. To explore the deep waters, you can increase the duration of breathing underwater.

There are multiple ways to breathe underwater in Minecraft. One of the most common methods is making an underwater breathing potion. Besides the potion, you may create a conduit or craft a turtle shell. All these methods let you stay underwater for a brief period to explore the sea life.

Taking measures to spend time underwater takes effort. Yet, it is all worth it as it enables you to survive under the sea.

The Underwater Breathing Potion

Potions are a great help and give you an upper hand in Minecraft when you prepare them properly. You can use this breathing underwater potion to stay in water for 3 minutes (or 8 minutes if you prepare the extended one.) It requires you to collect the components from different sources and mix them. Let’s see how you can prepare the potion.


  • Brewing Stand
  • Water Bottles/ Sand
  • Puffer Fish
  • Nether Wart 
  • Blaze Powder 

Collecting the Ingredients

Obtaining the ingredients is more challenging than mixing them adequately to develop the potion. Here’s how you can find the ingredients and prepare the potion to stay underwater for a longer time.

Firstly, you need pufferfish. Pufferfish are easy to find, and you can quickly catch them. Take your fishing rod and go fishing to find a few pufferfish for the potion.

The next step is to gather the remaining ingredients. You can find the nether wart and blaze powder in the Nether. Create a nether portal and track your fortress.

Now, look for blazes around the fortress and collect them. Meanwhile, look for the room with a staircase and red fungus to grab nether wart. 

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  1. Once you have all the essential ingredients, you can prepare the underwater breathing potion in Minecraft.
  2. The first step is preparing the equipment to make the potion. You need water bottles to prepare the potion in. If you do not have the bottles, manufacture them by placing sand in the furnace to make glass.
  3. Next, create a brewing stand by mixing ablaze rods and three cobblestones on the crafting table.
  4. Turn your glass into glass bottles and fill them with water by clicking on a water source. Place the bottles onto the bottom three slots and fill the top left slot with blaze powder to power your brewing stand.
  5. Add nether wart in the ingredient slot to brew awkward potions. When done, add your pufferfish and let it brew for twenty seconds. 

This potion gives 3 minutes of underwater breathing.

How to Extend The Potion?

Are 3 minutes not enough for you underwater? Then you need to add Redstone to the potion for an added time under the sea. It is one of the most important ores in Minecraft and can be found in various sources. You can obtain them from Village Temple chests, Dungeons, or Mineshafts. Remember to carry a water bucket with you while you hunt for Redstone. 

Adding Redstone to the potion can help increase the underwater breathing time in the water in Minecraft to 8 minutes.


A conduit is like a beacon that lets you breathe under the sea and gives you vision in the dark. However, like the breathing potion, collecting the ingredients to build a conduit is also a challenging task.


  • Crafting Table
  • Heart of the Sea
  • Nautilus Shells – 8 

Collecting the Ingredients

Once you know what you need, the next step is to collect the ingredients.

Firstly, find the heart of the sea in one of the locations on the treasure map. Find a wrecked ship and look for an incomplete treasure map. Search for the ‘X’ mark and see if you can find the Heart of the Sea there. You may need to check multiple ships and maps to find the Heart of the Sea.

The next step is to start searching for the Nautilus shells. They are usually drowned. Collect eight shells and move to the next step of the Conduit preparation.


  1. Place the Heart of the Sea in the center of the Crafting Table, surrounded by the eight Nautilus shells. 
  2. Place the beacon in your inventory to use in the deep sea.
  3. Building the Frame.
  4. Place a temporary block at the Conduit’s location and add a prismarine block below it.
  5. Add two more prismarines to each side of the base prismarine to prepare a 5×1 structure.
  6. Construct five-block pillars at each end. Build two 5×1 blocks across each other by copying the design of the base on the upper side of the pillars.
  7. Now, add the Conduit on top of the temporary block and break it, ensuring it does not touch any block.

Turtle Helmet

Using a turtle helmet is one of the easiest yet time-taking methods of breathing underwater in Minecraft. You need to grow five baby turtles and obtain the scute to get the helmet. Let’s tell you how to get the turtle shell.


  • Baby Turtles

Collecting the Turtles


You can find turtles easily. Yet, you will have to keep them protected in your block.

Allow them to lay eggs in your block. You need five eggs to get the turtle shell.

Once the eggs hatch, feed them seagrass to boost their growth by 10%. You can find it in the non-frozen ocean.

The turtles drop a scute when they mature. Collect five scutes to get a turtle shell and survive underwater.


  1. Collect five scutes from the developed turtles.
  2. Create a 9×9 crafting table.
  3. Place three scutes in the top row, followed by one on the right and left in the middle row.
  4. This creates the turtle helmet that you can obtain and put into the inventory.


What’s better than saving yourself from water altogether! Airlock doors are one way to lock yourself in a space where water does not reach. Here’s how you can create an airlock and stay underwater without drowning.


  • Sand
  • Water 
  • Torch


  1. Collect all essential constituents required to create the airlock like sand, water, and torches.
  2. Build a room higher or equal to the water level.
  3. Place the torch on the wall.
  4. Leave enough space to seal the area. 
  5. Add sand above the torch to the top to waterproof the room properly.

Other Ways to Breathe Underwater

Besides using a conduit, potion, or an airlock, some other materials help create air pockets that you can use to catch a breath. They include Cakes, Banners, and Stone Cutters that act as portable air tanks for the players to breathe underwater.

“Free Diver” Achievement

The free driver is one of the achievements you can unlock by staying underwater for a long time. You need to breathe underwater in Minecraft for at least 2 minutes which is not possible without extra time. Using any of the tricks mentioned above can help you stay in the water for long and unlock this achievement. However, you might not be able to get the “Free Diver” with a turtle helmet because it does not give enough underwater time.


How to craft a crafting table in Minecraft?

If you do not have a crafting table, you can easily prepare one using four wood planks. The player can use it to prepare anything in the game.

How to power the conduit underwater?

You can power the Conduit underwater with a maximum of forty-two sea lanterns or prismarines. They help breathe underwater, see in the dark and kill hostile mobs.

How to tell that the Conduit is activated?

The Conduit opens up when activated, making a whizzing sound. You also get immediate night vision, showing that it is active.

How long can I breathe underwater in Minecraft with the turtle helmet?

You can breathe for 10 seconds with one turtle shell or enchant the helmet to add 60 more seconds of underwater breathing to it.

What is respiration enchantment in Minecraft?

Respiration enchantments are extra moments of underwater breathing. But, it does not allow you a lot of extra time in the sea, and you will have to get air after some time. Use the enchantment table to find the enchant you wish to choose.

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How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft

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