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What Happened to Max and Ruby’s Parents

Max and Ruby are a sibling pair with a natural sweet bond. As Ruby is the elder one, aged seven, she is patient and often strict towards Max. Max is three years old and quite a mischievous, determined buy. Max and ruby are seen going about their daily life, playing around, and experiencing something new every day. While a picture in their house shows their parents, their mom and dad do not usually feature in the episodes.

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So, what happened to Max and Ruby’s parents?

Initially, people thought that Max and Ruby’s parents were no longer alive as they did not make an appearance in the show. Because of their absence, Ruby had to act as Max’s guardian, trying to protect him and save him from harm.

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How Did Max and Ruby’s Parents Die?

While the audience thought that Max and Ruby’s parents were dead, the story was a little different than anticipated. Viewers believed that their parents died in a car accident on their way to go pick up Ruby from Bunny Scouts. In some theories, Max’s inability to speak properly was also related to this accident. And some also mentioned that Max always played with ambulances and cars as he remembered them from the accident.

Yet, it was later revealed that Max and Ruby’s parents were not dead.

Where Were Max and Ruby’s Parents?

Max and Ruby’s parents made their debut in the Sixth season of the series and were seen quite a few times. In an exclusive interview with NickJr, creator Rosemary Wells mentioned, “We don’t see Max and Ruby’s parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they are on their own.”

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So, the parents were not shown in the initial episodes as the writer of the books wanted children to learn to make decisions independently. It exhibits the author’s thoughts as she says that Max and Ruby are based on her children and how their relationship with each other was when they were of the same age as the characters.

Max and Ruby’s Family Members

Besides their parents, Max and Ruby are seen to have a grandmother, Grandma Bunny. She has been around and about to keep a check on the children. Aunt Clare and Uncle Nate are the children’s great aunt and great uncle. They were mentioned when the kids received a wind-up lobster from them.

What Happened to Max and Ruby’s Parents

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