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How to Grow your Instagram

Learn how to grow your Instagram effort with the advice and tips below.

Create a Beautiful Profile

You have less than a minute to grab the attention of Instagram users. If users get bored, they can go back to scroll their feed. It is essential to create a fun and eye-catching profile.

Create your profile to match your target audience. If you are targeting an older audience, you can keep the layout elegant and straightforward. If you are, however, targeting a younger audience, ensure your layout is modern, edgy, and fun.

Use simple texts. And keep your texts short. Instagram users do not have the patience to read long texts. Upload several pictures and create short fun videos.

Use Instagram Stories

You can use Instagram stories to promote your products and services. It is fun to use Instagram stories. You can, therefore, use your Instagram stories to promote your launches and giveaways.

Instagram stories get more views since they appear on top of the feed. Therefore, your Instagram stories are more likely to get more views. 

Use Contests and Giveaways 

You can use contests and giveaways to increase your reach. You can use hashtags to promote your posts. Contests and giveaways can get you more views and followers.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags can make it easier for Instagram users to find your posts. You can, therefore, use several relevant hashtags on your posts. Do not, however, add unnecessary hashtags. They can make your posts look disorganized.

You can create hashtags for your brand. Using branded hashtags can help you grow your brand.

Use Referral Programs to Get More Followers

Use plugins, like Referralcandy, to get more followers. The plugin rewards influencers for referrals.

If you use influencers, you can easily grow your brand on Instagram. The referral program can then reward the influencers with things, such as coupons and discounts.

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Time your Posts

According to a recent poll, 7 to 9 pm is the best time for posting posts on Instagram. Post your posts during peak hours to get more views and followers. You can buy Instagram followers, the more you have the more you will gain.

Use Paid Ads

Paying for ads can help you reach more people. It is much better to let the platform market your business. It is affordable to pay for Instagram ads.

How to Grow your Instagram

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