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4 Ways to Invest that Don’t Involve the Stock Market


Investing takes a combination of knowledge and guts. Investors are forced to create a versatile knowledge base in order to leverage their understanding of commodity assets to make educated guesses about where the market is headed. For many, this involves trading in the stock market. But the stock market isn’t the only option out there for investors who are looking to create significant returns on their investments.

With these four alternatives to stock picking, growing a portfolio of assets that better reflects your needs and interests is actually simple and fun, even for beginners!


Crypto assets and digital currency, like Dogecoin and Litecoin, are among the most important alternative classes in the investment space today. Investors are all in on the utility and staying power of cryptocurrency, and the asset class is only about 10 years old.

Crypto traders utilize some of the best crypto wallets on the market to facilitate their trading of cryptocurrency and digital currency coins, tokens, forks, and other digital assets. You can use a mobile wallet app on your mobile device or hardware options like the Trezor hardware wallets and Ledger products (like the Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S), which are some of the most sought-after options when it comes to utilizing a cryptocurrency wallet or ledger to hold crypto assets. Cold storage is highly efficient and provides the best in security for crypto traders. With a crypto wallet you trust, making gains in the cryptocurrency market becomes all about executing a great crypto strategy.

Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing asset class, and crypto traders are able to take advantage of massive momentum within their chosen cryptocurrency exchange space at all hours of the day. Crypto trading is never off, and as a result, it can be swayed in real time by events happening all around the world. The opportunities in the crypto market and crypto exchange are varied and exciting, to say the least.

Real Estate

Real estate is another great investment category. Unlike cryptocurrencies, real estate offers a tangible product that owners are able to literally walk into, which makes it a good choice for many. Investing in real estate through the use of the stock market is one option for those who are new to the property market, but learning what is real estate syndication can provide the same great benefit while maintaining a low-cost structure on any property that you decide to purchase as an investment. Syndication is the process of going in on a property with a group of other investors. This is the perfect way to buy into a real property without having to put up the entirety of the cash yourself. With a group of like-minded friends, managing a real estate property is a real option for many investors these days, which is good news even for beginners.

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A bond purchase is another good idea for investors looking for an alternative to stock market investing. The bond market is thriving, and bonds offer unique stability that no other asset class can provide. Bonds appreciate based on an agreed-upon schedule. If you hold a bond for the duration of its maturation term, it can be sold back to the seller often the U.S. government or a corporate entity for the set price. Bond rates typically reside at a lower return than other options, but the guaranteed value addition is something that simply can’t be matched anywhere else.

Gold Bullion

Finally, investing in gold and silver assets can provide you with a great option when it comes to investing for the long term. Gold and other precious metals appreciate fairly consistently in price, and over the long term, the rise in value can provide the strength that you’re looking for in any growth investment strategy.

With these four great investment assets in your portfolio, finding the success you’re looking for in your investment profile is as simple as waiting and watching your strategy pan out. Think about your personal preferences and use the information above to help you decide what to invest in!

4 Ways to Invest that Don’t Involve the Stock Market

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