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3 Tips for Installing Residential Garage Doors

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With easy access to both tools and materials, it’s not surprising that so many homeowners take on home improvement projects. Of course, many home improvement projects focus on interior spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring. Yet, there is a part of the home that often takes nearly daily wear-and-tear that homeowners often overlook: the garage door.

While residential garage doors can years of use without a problem, they will need replacement sooner or later. If your garage door is showing its age and you’re thinking of doing a DIY replacement, keep reading. We’ll cover three essential tips for installing your new garage door.

Do your Prep

Preparation is one key element in successful replacement or residential garage door repair. Right off the top, you should assemble all the tools you need. The last problem you want to face in the middle of an installation is the discovery that you need a different wrench or socket head just to finish.

Next up, you must release the tension on any springs in the old door. Garage door springs are typically quite strong, which means you don’t want them flying loose during installation. You or someone helping you could get hurt.

Take your Time with the Track

Your garage doors will ride in those tracks thousands of times over the course of 15 to 20 years. If the tracks are not aligned correctly or installed correctly, that means you have thousands of opportunities to grow frustrated with the door catching or sliding poorly.

As there are several types of garage doors, you should pay close attention to the track installation advice in the instructions that came with the door. Don’t assume that the new track will go in exactly the same way as the old track. When in doubt, look for instructional videos online for that model of garage door.

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Know when you’re out of your Depth

Many DIYers enjoy a strong can-do attitude to home improvement projects. However, garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds. If that comes loose on you, it can prove disastrous for your vehicles or anyone standing nearby. If the door comes with a residential garage door opener, that just amplifies the chances of problems.

If you start an installation and things go wrong that you don’t fully understand, don’t simply carry on. Seek the help of professional garage installers, such as Portes De Garage MB. There is a good chance they’ll understand the problem and can correct it.

Installing Residential Garage Doors

Installing residential garage doors is within the scope of DIY projects, but only highly experienced DIYers want to take it on as a general rule. There is a fair chance of something going wrong and that’s tricky with a door that weighs hundreds of pounds.

If you do take it on and find yourself in trouble, don’t compound the issue. Call in professionals for help finishing the installation. Ready for more home improvement tips or advice?

3 Tips for Installing Residential Garage Doors

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