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5 Digital File Management Errors and How to Avoid them

5 Digital File Management Errors and How to Avoid Them

Keeping digital files safe is a balancing act. On one end, you need to keep your files private and secure from prying eyes and hackers. On the other end, you want to make it easy for people in your company to access them whenever they need them even if they’re not located on their desktops or laptops.

If you don’t know what digital file management mistakes are, how can you avoid them? Here are six digital file management errors and how to avoid them so that all of your digital files stay safe without compromising accessibility.

Not Using Cloud File Storage

While it’s been around for a while now, many companies still aren’t utilizing the digital security features that cloud storage offers. If your company is one of them, it’s time to start. Cloud file storage technologies are effective digital security measures that will help you protect your digital files from common cyber threats.

Using Public Wi-Fi

If you use public Wi-Fi to connect your laptop or tablet to digital files, you are putting your digital files at risk. For digital file security, it is best to avoid public Wi-Fi networks when possible.

If you have to use them to get access to your digital files when you’re away from the office, consider using a VPN and an up-to-date antivirus program that protect against all online threats.

Neglecting File Backups

It’s easy for mistakes human error to happen when working with digital files. If employees delete digital files or lose digital files by dropping their laptop or tablet, those digital files might be gone forever.

If you want to avoid digital file management errors and keep digital files safe, consider doing this: back up your digital files daily and create a backup schedule so that they’re backed up automatically. It’s not always easy to do if you have hundreds or thousands of digital files, but it is possible with the right cloud storage solution.

Lacking File-Level Access Controls

A lack of file-level access controls is another digital security error that many companies make. It’s easy to see why. With the right digital folders for files and a good backup schedule, employees can work remotely and access digital files whenever they need them. The problem is, without file-level access controls in place like restricting who can download certain files it’s too easy for someone without authorization to erase or download digital files that they shouldn’t. The solution: Invest in a cloud storage solution that allows you to manage user access. That way, you can restrict who can download and upload digital files.

Lacking a PDF Editor

In the digital file management world, you have two options for opening a pdf file: Download or open it in a pdf reader online. Use a pdf editor to make changes and save it as a pdf document.

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The second option is by far the safest. That’s because pdf editors can secure pdf files from unauthorized usage, protect them from viruses and malware, and even block printing or editing features if needed. If your company needs to edit pdf documents but doesn’t have access to an editor, consider investing in one. Two of the most common options for .NET and .NET Core developers are IronPDFand PDFSharp.Check out the difference between IronPDF and PDFSharp here.

Digital File Management Errors in Protecting Business Data

Digital file management can be tricky. However, if you avoid these digital file management errors, you’ll keep your digital files safe from digital security breaches and human error.

If you’re still managing digital files with spreadsheets or word processing software, it’s time to start looking for digital file management solutions that make digital file management safer and easier.

5 Digital File Management Errors and How to Avoid them

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