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Gym Flooring Choices – Flooring Materials that Suit you

dumbbell on gym floor

Today’s gym flooring material is much different than it was twenty years ago. You are probably trying to pick a hard, high-density gym flooring material.

Gym flooring is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and densities. Your goal should be to find the right one for your space, but it’s not as simple as just picking one.

Look at how the gym’s overall appearance will be affected by the material you choose. Smooth marble is highly textured and will create an organic, understated effect.

If you’re looking for a stone-like material for your gym flooring, using slate or marble would work best. Slate tile comes in a number of colors and patterns. Marble is a very sleek, streamlined material that provides an excellent feel of ruggedness to the flooring.

If you want to keep it natural and unadorned, look for a material that blends perfectly with the other aspects of your gym flooring. Paving-grade wood, for example, is a natural choice for athletic areas. It doesn’t take up much room and won’t snag on anything.

Hardwood, however, can look out of place in a busy gym. Wood is expensive, and the kind of attention to detail you want with hardwood can be difficult to achieve. Hanging a heavy, bulk-filled ceiling board over the floorboards won’t provide a good environment for hardwood.

Many folks decide to go with vinyl because it’s affordable and looks fantastic in a gym. Vinyl is well-suited for a busy and utilitarian environment. The material comes in a variety of colors and textures, which you can really mix and match to get just the look you want.

Gym floor and dumbbell

Rubber is another popular gym flooring material. The great thing about rubber is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. Some athletes love its texture and look, while others like the fact that it can absorb lots of punishment.

As far as cost goes, rubber is also one of the cheapest types of gym flooring. However, as a material, it can be prone to cracking, cracking and more cracking.

Let’s say you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few materials and still can’t make up your mind, but you are interested in a specific flooring feature. If you decide to get custom made, you’ll likely pay more than a regular plan.

Of course, it is a key decision for any gym owner to invest in gym flooring. Before you commit to one material or the other, take a closer look at what the two offer. Your gym’s flooring is a large investment, so make sure that you don’t do yourself any major damage.

It is important to understand the differences between both types of flooring, and take your time to research your options. Doing so will help you choose the gym flooring that will provide you with the most benefits and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Gym Flooring Choices – Flooring Materials that Suit you
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