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Smart Cooling Solutions: Electrolux AC Innovations

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Leading the industry for more than a century, Electrolux has stuck to its core values of sustainability and ethics. They have redefined taste, care, and well-being experiences for more pleasurable and sustainable living, from prolonging the life of your garments to creating intuitive kitchens and enhancing your home’s well-being.

Genuine transformation necessitates cooperation between Electrolux suppliers and the people they inspire to live sustainably. One fix at a time, making it last. An Electrolux portable air conditioner will help you maintain a cool environment in every room of your home. On the warmest or even the coldest days, their energy-efficient air conditioners are perfect for controlling the temperature.

High Definition Air Filter

Dust and big microorganisms are efficiently removed from the air by the Electrolux air conditioners’ HD filter. As a result, there is less dust in the air, which lowers the risk of respiratory illnesses and dangerous allergic reactions.

Plasma Filter for the Removal of Bacteria

Once debris has been eliminated by the HD filter, the dynamic plasma filter improves air purification. Furthermore, the Plasma filter can get rid of airborne microorganisms, making the interior air quality healthier and more pleasant.

Turbo Mode for Rapid Cooling

Within minutes of turning on, the Electrolux air conditioner will produce a cool airflow by running at maximum compressor power and highest fan speed in Turbo mode. This feature allows for instant comfort and relaxation.

Sensing Technology that I Feel

By precisely regulating the temperature at the user’s location, the I FEEL sensor makes sure the ambient air temperature rises to a more comfortable level.

Cooling Fan System with 7 Levels

There are seven cooling modes available on the various fan systems of the Electrolux air conditioner. Consequently, users can select the most appropriate, effective, and energy-efficient cooling mode based on the state, room temperature, and usage requirements.

Five-Level Air Filtration System

The HD filter, Plasma, Hepa microbiological filter, and Vitamin C filter are among the five layers of the air purification system. They all have antibacterial and odor-reducing properties, and they also add extra antiviral and antibacterial materials to the air to strengthen the user’s immune system.

Array with Gold-Plated Heat Sink

You may use the gadget in coastal regions with confidence because of its corrosion resistance thanks to the gold-plated heat sink array. Furthermore, an antibacterial coating on the heat sink guards against bacterial invasion of the air conditioner.

The Smart Sleep Timer Function

You can establish several sleep timer modes with the air conditioner’s built-in Genius Sleep mode, which guarantees a restful night’s sleep.

The Ability to Report Errors Automatically

The LCD panel of the Electrolux AC shows fault codes and has automatic diagnostics. The air conditioner will notify you when it malfunctions or has technical issues while in operation, assisting you in quickly identifying and fixing the issues.

Error Alert for Leak Detection

Additionally, the Electrolux air conditioner can identify and notify low-pressure issues. This mistake only happens when there is a gas leak.

Important Features

  • Heat & Cool for use in all seasons
  • Heavy Compressor
  • Anti-Cold Air Function
  • Fire Proof Electric Box
  • Heavy Out Door Fan Motor
  • Digital Display
  • High EER
  • 2 Way Drainage
  • Turbo Cooling
  • Timer

Different Types of Electrolux AC and Their Features

Electrolux AC price Depends on their Features:

Portable Air Conditioners

Modern portable air conditioners have several functions to enhance your comfort and indoor air quality all year round in addition to chilling. They require no expert installation, so they are quick and simple to set up—just unpack from the box and plug and play—and can save a lot of money and time.

Portable AC


A dehumidifier gets rid of the extra moisture that is produced every day by things like washing machines, running baths, and drying clothes—all of which can cause issues with mold, condensation, and dampness.

You may alleviate these situations and maintain a more consistent humidity level with a dehumidifier; the more condensation you can regulate, the better the extraction rate. Laundry can also be dried with dehumidifiers, which are frequently less expensive to run than tumble dryers.


Enhancing the quality of your air can also be achieved by using an air conditioner. All of them have a washable and replaceable filter, usually made of bio-silver material. The filter will assist lessen allergies and conditions like dermatitis and asthma by removing dust and heavy pollutants from your surroundings.

The dehumidification process also helped to enhance the quality of the air because moist situations are ideal for the growth of mold and spores that aggravate respiratory ailments.

Environmentally friendly systems that use evaporative cooling

Evaporative Air Cooling

What is it? The most effective and environmentally benign cooling method is evaporative air cooling, which uses the idea of heat absorption by water evaporation.

Without a Condenser, Air Conditioning

Today, air conditioning is necessary in both the summer and the winter. This all too frequently entails mounting ugly condensing units outside of structures. The innovative Powrmatic Vision is a bundled solution that uses cutting-edge “monobloc” technology to do away with the requirement for an exterior unit. Additionally, the Vision can be installed without the need for an F-Gas-trained engineer, saving you a substantial sum of money on installation fees.

Elegant Yet Simple Design

With its sleek, modern design that will go with any decor and its absence of an external condenser, the Vision is perfect for use in restaurants, hotels, and a variety of other hospitality settings. Additionally, it permits listed structures to have air conditioning. The Vision is by far the thinnest device in this product category, at only 17 cm deep.


Electrolux and Enviroserve have teamed to transform appliance disposal and provide sustainability right to your door. Appliances that are outdated or unwanted are frequently thrown in landfills. As a result, hazardous materials like lead and mercury contaminate our world by seeping into the soil and water.

Contact us so that the goods can be appropriately recycled rather than mindlessly dumped. Together, Electrolux and Enviroserve can provide a sustainable solution right to your door. All you need to do is complete the online form, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Smart Cooling Solutions: Electrolux AC Innovations

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