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Fleet Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide to its Users and Applications

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Every business that has a vehicle fleet as part of its operations needs GPS fleet tracking. The benefits of fleet management systems are well worth the investment. It adds security for the company and drivers, plus, tracking systems have proven cost savings.

If you’ve never considered installing a GPS fleet tracker now is the time. You can monitor your vehicles in real-time. New advancements continue to improve on existing technology and add new capabilities.

Are you wondering who uses fleet tracking? The answer is simple. Businesses looking to streamline fleet management processes and increase their fleet longevity.

Here is a brief guide on how different industries use GPS fleet tracking.

Fleet Tracking for HVAC and Plumbing Companies

Industries like HVAC and plumbing rely on a fleet tracking system to create daily routes for service technicians. Dispatchers can schedule jobs based on complexity. Your company can also create zones and assign teams for those areas.

A fleet tracking device also goes a long way in assigning technicians for emergency calls. You can easily determine who is available and closest to the customers.

In situations where a technician hasn’t arrived at a scheduled stop, you can give the client an updated estimated time of arrival.

Lawn Maintenance and Tree Crews

Have you ever watched a tree trimming service? A crew arrives and trim back the branches. Minutes later a second crew arrives to run the branches through a wood chipper.

Or in cases where the tree has been cut down, a new crew comes along to remove waste. Fleet tracking software allows companies to move teams into place quickly and cuts down on idle time.

In the case of lawn maintenance crews, customers know the exact day and time teams will arrive for their regular service. On each visit, the workers are there for a set amount of time. If additional services are required, a follow-up crew is dispatched.

The efficiency and precision of these service providers are the results of Rhino fleet tracking and USNI fleet tracker.

Freight Services

Any company that moves freight from state to state relies on software like Verizon fleet tracking. These industries require the capability of moving cargo to keep the supply chain functioning.

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GPS fleet tracking can set routes, monitor movement, and register stops. Logistic reporting provides analytical data for regulated reports filed with the government.

Delivery Providers

With so many people engaging in online shopping, delivery providers need fleet tracking to ensure packages are delivered to consumers. Like freight drivers, there are regulations that drivers must adhere to at all times.

There is also a liability if packages are lost.

It’s Time to Get GPS Tracking Devices for your Fleet

Fleet tracking is all about protecting your mobile assets. Whether you have a fleet of one or 100 vehicles, you should invest in fleet management software for accurate mapping, maintenance scheduling, and analytics.

Fleet Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide to its Users and Applications

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