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How Technology is Helping you to Gauge Customer Satisfaction Level

The success of a business largely depends on the customer satisfaction level. As long as your customers are satisfied with your products and services, you will keep growing. Competition is fierce, and competitors are making new strategies to pull the attention of people every other day that poses a threat to your customer base.

If you want to keep the customer attrition as low as possible, you will have to keep your customers satisfied. Entrepreneurs use CSAT and NPS surveys to measure the level of customer satisfaction, but they are time-consuming and not as convenient as other ways.

To know whether your customers are satisfied with your products and services, it is not possible to conduct surveys all the time through social media platforms and your websites.

People do not have enough time to spend on answering your questions. It is tricky, but it is equally crucial to carry out. So, what can you do? It is when the role of technology comes. This blog discusses some software tools that can easily measure the level of customer satisfaction. Let us look at them.


Zonka is customer feedback software and survey app that measures customer satisfaction based on KPIs – NPS and CSAT. You will take feedback on multiple channels and get a real-time report. With Zonka, you can reach out to your customers anywhere. It means you can get the feedback through email and SMS too apart from online means. Zonka offline survey app works on iPad, Android tablets, iPhones and smartphones.

It can run unlimited surveys without the need for Wi-Fi. Using this offline survey app, you can create customised feedback forms and collect data from various sources, do market research, and field surveys. Here are the features of this software that make it accessible:

  • It supports unlimited survey responses.
  • It enables you to have NPS and CSAT analysis.
  • Zonka supports multi-language feedback form. It supports over 30 languages.


Zendesk is the leading software that aims to improve the overall customer experience. It can increase customer satisfaction rate by supporting them through any platform like SMS, email and social media. Various big companies use Zendesk software because it lowers down the cost and increases customer satisfaction.

Even though you have disclosed everything about your products and services, your customers may want to talk to you. It is not easy to connect with all customers and solve their grievances, but Zendesk has made it easy. With the help of Zendesk, the conversation can be made seamlessly across all channels. It can offer an exceptional level of satisfaction to your customers.

Of course, it can be complicated to provide support across all channels, but your customers do not need to go through that hassle. This software allows you to have a natural conversation with your customers to solve their queries and doubts.

This software supports the conversation across all channels like email, WeChat, social networking apps, and the like. If you want to keep your customers happy, you must have the right information about your customers.

Zendesk software can bring complete information of your customers automatically by connecting all data sources. The best thing about this software is that you do not need to learn a new coding language. You can customise the software to fit your needs based on the type of channel, and you do not need coding.

You can collaborate across all teams so that the users get the most accurate answer. The answers you make to the queries of your users do not need to be like agent-looking answers.


The customer satisfaction level is not just achieved by offering them high-quality products and services. How you deal with your customers also plays a paramount role to decide if they are satisfied with your service or not. It is crucial to spread the right message at the right time, and for this, you will need excellent communication software.

HelpDesk can keep all messages in one place. The software can give you real-time data to identify trends and improve customer service. It can analyse what your customers think about your service and accordingly suggest you ways to improve your customer service. It can help you take a look at trends to see where you are, where you are lacking and what you can do to improve the overall customer experience.



This software programme is for SaaS. The ultimate aim of this software is to reduce customer churn rate. It is featured with some AI-powered tools that have the potential to understand customer lifecycle to identify upsell opportunities to grow.

Unlike other software programmes, you do not need to gather data from different sources. You can connect with your clients directly to make your communication better and more effective.


This software programme is for both the sales team and the customer care team. This software allows you to act as a call centre. The best feature of this software tool is it offers advanced call centre analytics that you can use to improve your customer service.

As it provides real-time data, you can track how your team is communicating with your customers. Another advantage of using this software is you can talk to your customers remotely by making calls through your browser or mobile app. As you know that it is crucial to keep your customers satisfied, you cannot ignore the need for software programmes to improve the overall customer experience. You may resist investing these tools as some of them are a bit expensive. Do not worry because quick loans online in the UK can fund your needs.

How Technology is Helping you to Gauge Customer Satisfaction Level
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